Hi everyone :)
My name is Marija and I'm 19-years old. I live in the most boring country in the world: Sweden and I've always been a huge fan of Disney Animation and Nintendo (also anime and manga), so I'm mostly going to reblog those things (sometimes I make my own gifs). I hope you like my blog.


I really love this scene. Ralph is finally accepting for who he really is, and just because he’s carrying a shiny medal, doesn’t automatically make him a hero/good guy. He knows that he has caused a lot of trouble throughout his journey. All he cared about was to get his medal back. When he met Vanellope for the first time, he only cared about himself. He used her, knowing that he would get his medal back if she won the race. But after getting to know more about her, he began to care deeply for her.

The most important thing for him was to get acknowledged by others. Vanellope was the first one to really get to know him, and that makes her special to him. They will always have a place in each other’s heart. I love their friendship so much. They really care for each other, and her handmade medal means alot to him and he will always keep it, no matter what. She changed him. Ralph is her hero now. Him being a bad guy doesn’t mean he is a bad guy. <3

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